Short Stories

"Relative Stranger," When A Stranger Comes to Town, editor Michael Koryta.

"Relative Stranger - Amanda Witt: 5 Stars - So incredibly good. Takes the threatening stranger making hostages of a quiet country home trope and spins it on its head. Superb!Goodreads Reviewer Bookish

"especially loved Amanda Witt and Lisa Unger's tales and will be adding these authors to my must read books." Goodreads Reviewer Nerdy Chic

"My favorite was Relative Stranger by Amanda Witt."Goodreads Reviewer Carol

"Before returning to the library I’m certainly noting which ones stood out and will check out the authors (thinking especially Amanda Witt)."Goodreads Reviewer Amy

"Mfavorites so far were: Solomon Wept by S.A. Cosby ~ a story of a mother’s love and Relative Stranger by Amanda Witt: a family pulling together to stay safe." Goodreads Reviewer Cathy

My personal favourites were by Amanda Witt, Lisa Unger, Michael Koryta, and Jonathan Stone, but I also admired most others." Amazon Reviewer Carolyn

"Nineteen stories by an all-star cast of mystery writers. The best of the bunch were the first two "Solomon Wept" by S .A. Cosby, "Relative Stranger" by Amanda Witt, and "Avalon" by Michael Connelly." Goodreads Reviewer Dave

"This is the best kind of anthology, consistently excellent and inventive." Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Hector's Bees,"  Odd Partners, editor Anne Perry.

"Most of the stories are top notch, but there are several that are so good that I have to mention them by name. 'A Cold Spell' and 'Hectors Bees' are two excellent stories that have a delightful plot twist." Goodreads Reviewer Monica W. M.

"... standouts include 'Glock, Paper, Scissors,' and 'Hector's Bees'" Goodreads Reviewer Stephanie P.

"'Hector's Bees' and a few others tickled me." Goodreads Reviewer Harron68

"Animals also play a part, if a secondary role, in a number of other tales. One of the best entries employing the latter is “Hector’s Bees” by Amanda Witt. Though perhaps better known for her dystopian fiction, Witt is an author of exemplary mysteries as well, and displays her talent in this haunting story of a drift of bees that, along with their human protector, quite plausibly solve a murder and catch a killer." Book Reporter

"'Hector's Bees' by Amanda Witt. Really good story about a woman who lost a love and figured out what happened. 5 stars.Goodreads Reviewer Carolyn F.

"Summer Job," Life is Short and Then You Die, editor Kelley Armstrong.

From bestselling author Allison Brennan and her sixteen-year-old daughter: "'Summer Job' was a story that started a bit slow, but ended up being a terrific tale with a strong ending that we both liked.... Life Is Short and Then You Die is a winner. Virtually every story is worth reading, and some are knock-it-out-of-the-park fantastic.Criminal Element

"... remarkably solid inclusions ('Summer Job,' 'Gnat,' 'First Party Back,' etc.)"  Goodreads Reviewer Sarah Y.

"Ample entertainment for young murder-mystery aficionados." ―Publishers Weekly

"An appropriate read for a wide YA audience... a great collection for mystery lovers of all stripes." ―Booklist

"Up in the Air," Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, March/April 2019

From the publisher: "Love and passion are often the heart of crime stories. Herein are thirteen stories of love, loss, and questionable choices."

"Night Rose," A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime. editor Jeffery Deaver. (By Amanda Witt, using the pen name Ana Rainwater.)

"Hottest of all is newcomer Ana Rainwater's 'Night Rose,' a study in the ice-cold hatred between a perfectionist mother and her equally strong-willed daughter." Kirkus Reviews

"In newcomer Ana Rainwater's arresting 'Night Rose,' a young woman with a difficult mother celebrates adulthood." Publishers Weekly